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Why hire Lord & Benoit?

Influence & Expertise:
 It is important to align with a firm that has dexterity.  Lord & Benoit is influential with the SEC, PCAOB, COSO & AICPA. The following are some examples of how Lord & Benoit’s has guided the leaders in internal control compliance across the globe.  Affordable, right sized SOX compliance allows smaller public companies to have higher share price returns.
 is important in eyes of shareholders, management, audit committees and outside auditors. The Big 4 and almost every influential outside auditor and consulting firm has referenced Lord & Benoit’s research works. “I use your research unashamedly all the time.” says leader of a major international competitor:
Research Institutes:
 The following are links to organizations that have referenced Lord & Benoit's SOX research.
Foreign Newspapers:
 have also referenced Lord & Benoit's research.
U.S. Newspapers:
 have referenced Lord & Benoit's research
 have referenced Lord & Benoit's research