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Efficient SoxTM , Micro SoxTM and Virtual SoxTM are all SOX compliance solutions with different approaches:

Efficient Soxwas designed for larger public company sox compliance. It is a true top-down risk-based approach that incorporates the newest PCOAB and SEC standards for efficient compliance. The result is a cost effective, efficient and relevant SOX compliance effort that is less intrusive to management.

Micro Sox is a SOX compliance approach for smaller public companies. Smaller public companies benefit from our cost effective, right sized and creative approach to complying with SOX 404.  Lord & Benoit is uniquely qualified to help smaller public companies comply with SOX Section 404 affordably.

Virtual Sox uses a variety of remote technologies to help companies complete their assessment with minimal disruption.  Perhaps the greatest benefit cited in favor of Virtual Sox has been cost savings: lower rates, appropriate staffing, no travel costs and minimal client disruption - without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. This virtual approach was first birthed from the need to affordably assess internal controls in various locations (Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Bermuda, London, Toronto and throughout the U.S., all using supervised trained staff in the New England offices of Lord & Benoit.

Virtual Sox is quite scaleable – public companies with revenues from $2 million to $1 billion have complied with the provision of SOX remotely.Virtual Sox levels the playing field.  Public companies can now pick the best and perhaps most affordable firm versus being forced to use a multi-location or international firm.

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