Lord & Benoit is a Sarbanes-Oxley consulting and research firm whose passion and purpose is to help smaller public companies comply with the provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Section 404 affordably.

As the first Section 404 SOX compliance firm in the world to use COSO Guidance for Smaller Public Companies, and as the representative of smaller companies on the COSO Monitoring Taskforce, Lord & Benoit is uniquely qualified to help smaller public companies comply with SOX through use of our top-down, risk-based management assessment that is relevant, right-sized and value-driven.


 Our SOX Section 404 scalable framework is designed to focus on smaller public companies and their distinctive needs. Additionally, Lord & Benoit's expert team employs a helpful (rather than adversarial) approach in ensuring your company's successful compliance. A team of compliance managers and consultants, led by our senior management, work alongside you to efficiently assess your SOX 404 internal controls and IT control environment, while keeping management apprised of progress through Lord & Benoit's unique FLASH REPORT communication process.

 Lord & Benoit's exceptional consulting service focuses on collaborating with our clients to provide the ideal compliance experience and build the platform for a resilient internal controls environment that adjusts to changes in your business. For more information about our consulting service experience, please visit our client testimonials area.


Extensive Worldwide Influence

Reports such as Internal Controls Pay (The Wall Street Journal), Ten Steps to SOX Compliance for Smaller Public Companies and the Lord & Benoit Framework (located on the SEC Concept Release website) have revolutionized Sarbanes Oxley compliance.


Countless prestigious institutions including the PCAOB, AICPA, AAA, Compliance Week, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Business Week, each Big 4 firm, most PCAOB registered CPA firms and even international competitors consistently reference our innovative SOX Section 404 research.