Your Business Advocate

A Voice for Your Business

As an appointed member of the COSO Monitoring Taskforce, Lord & Benoit has been honored with the role of advocating for companies. Our recommendations are focused on affordable, scaleable and practical compliance for public companies.

Business Research

All of Lord & Benoit’s research services are directed toward companies and second-tier PCAOB registered CPA firms. As a SOX Section 404 Complaince firm, we increase awareness  of the latest methodologies to streamline Sarbanes-Oxley compliance with affordable, right-sized and relevant suggestions for public companies. Effective compliance and cost-efficiency can be achieved simultaneously.

High Level Influence

SEC Commissioners, PCAOB Board, AICPA, COSO, IIA, CCH, RIA, BNA and hundreds of trade publications have referenced Lord & Benoit’s research, creating awareness at the highest legislative and executive levels.

Free Educational Services

Lord & Benoit supports smaller public companies by providing free webinars to educate company financial officers, CPA’s, and auditors.

White Papers

Lord & Benoit routinely releases smaller company white papers such as "The Ten Threats to SOX Compliance for Smaller Public Companies".

COSO Framework for Smaller Public Companies

Lord & Benoit was the first SOX Section 404 compliance firm to implement the COSO Guidance for Smaller Public Companies. This initiative demonstrated to other firms that a more cost-effective SOX Section 404 compliance solution for companies was practical.

An Innovator in Driving Down Costs

Lord & Benoit created Virtual SOX using simple technologies to reduce SOX Section 404 compliance costs for companies. These teachings were presented on the AICPA Technology site.