Scalable/Flexible Framework

The secret to an affordable SOX compliance effort is the approach. Lord & Benoit’s framework is flexible in dealing with the specific needs of smaller public companies. The framework is easily adjusted to your company's size and complexity

Always Current

The Lord & Benoit framework is a fluid document, continuously altered for each client. The effects of new SEC legislation, trends in your industry, growth of your business or change of your business environment are variables incorporated to meet your compliance goals. We assure that your company’s customized internal control framework is always up-to-date with the most current SOX requirements.

Custom Framework

Customized to Your Company and Industry

Most compliance firms have developed frameworks based on a "one size fits all" concept and have applied large company standard controls to the small company environment. Such an approach is burdensome for the smaller company and is more costly since it tests many controls that are irrelevant to SOX 404 requirements, which is why Lord and Benoit specializes in a "custom fit" concept for each individual company.


Affirming that Lord & Benoit’s framework is on the forefront of right-sizing, the SEC incorporated our framework’s primary elements into its SOX Interpretive guidance release, which is listed on the 2006 Annual SEC/PCAOB Internal Control Roundtable and the SEC Concept Release site as an affordable framework for smaller public company compliance.
The Lord & Benoit framework is guaranteed to fit the unique attributes of your company.

Prioritized Controls

Lord & Benoit’s framework focuses on prioritizing and documenting controls in order to decrease the risks associated with inaccurate financial reporting. Focusing on identifying preventive, detective and compensating controls rather than merely on formal policies and manuals, our approach significantly escalates the efficient use of internal controls for now and for the future.

Prioritized Controls
COSO Environment