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Listing of Lord & Benoit research noted in international publications

 Lord & Benoit SOX Section 404 Compliance firm is like a local firm, but with worldwide reach and influence. As a result of our advanced technology and communication capabilities, we have served clients located from coast to coast throughout the United States and Canada as well as in Armenia, Australia, Bermuda,  China,  Israel,  Mexico,  Sweden and the U.K. Our research extends to Brazil, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland. 

Located near Boston, Massachusetts, members of our staff are fluent in numerous languages, allowing us to document, test, and communicate results from anywhere in the world. The Virtual SOX methodology that we invented and taught through the AICPA Technology Division is another facet for global communication and expedited service. Now companies with multiple locations can be served using simple remote technologies without having to hire a more expensive international accounting firm.

Lord & Benoit’s Virtual SOX concepts have changed the landscape of SOX Section 404 compliance.
They have been taught through the AICPA Journal of Accountancy and AICPA IT Division. A SOX Section 404 IT television presentation of Lord & Benoit's Virtual SOX.

Even better... Lord & Benoit’s virtual approach improves communication with external auditors, the Audit Committees, and Management. All SOX Section 404 compliance needs can be satisfied at a moment’s notice – and all at no extra charge since Lord & Benoit does not charge for the use of its technology products. Therefore, the entire SOX team, located anywhere in the world, can access paperwork, Audit Committee status reports, deficiency reports, status of remediation plans, and our unique Flash Reports from one of our secure, encrypted and password protected websites. With Lord & Benoit’s timely, succinct and focused communication, compliance is achieved effectively, affordably, and with minimal management disruption.

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